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Dr Nicola Gates is a best selling author of two books. She writes for popular media promoting brain and mind health  and to research and scientific journals with over thirty peer reviewed and internationally recognised papers.

Cropped Book

A Brain for Life

A Brain for Life, published by ABC Books /Harper Collins June 2016, e-book, is a best seller combining the latest medical evidence regarding lifestyle and mindstyle for dementia prevention.  The book is easy to read and filled with case studies and practical strategies to optimise total health and wellbeing.

The feel good guide to menopause

Dr Gates’ second book, will be released in February 2019 with Harper Collins and includes multiple strategies how to manage menopause along with  investigations into hormone – brain and mind changes and managing at work. This book contains the latest research and provides a perfect road map so that women flourish.



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Dr Nicola Gates continues to conduct research and has over thirty peer reviewed and internationally recognised and cited academic publications since 2010.  She is involved in ongoing research and is a conjoint lecturer at UNSW School of Medicine.

Several articles are freely available here: access articles