Menopause & Memory

Nicola - Sunday, February 4, 2018

Experiencing brain fog during the menopausal transition is a very common complaint. Unfortunately not enough people – including health professionals – really understand what is happening in the brain during menopause. In the simplest terms for a short post: oestrogen is important for memory formation.  Both men and women have oestrogen in their brains as oestrogen is a brain player not just a sex hormone. A reduction in oestrogen leads to changes in the amounts of a specific neurotransmitter required for memory formation. Be confident that you are not imagining things -your memory has deteriorated with menopause and that does not mean you are developing dementia.  The disruption is temporary in most cases.  Want to learn more – contact Dr Nicola Gates


Managing the menopause transition

Nicola - Monday, January 22, 2018

Struggling with changes to your brain, mood, and mental equilibrium? I have spent over a year investigating the brain and mind changes associated with menopause and can tell you brain fog is real. The good news – it will pass. My book will be out 2019 but learn lifestyle strategies to better manage menopause – as momentous change in a woman’s health – here with regular posts. Otherwise book in a personal consult- face to face or via phone.

Nature boost

Nicola - Monday, January 22, 2018

Feel relaxed when you are outside, looking at trees or walking along the sea? The latest research confirms what you are feeling. That deep sense of relaxation or revitalisation  is due to amazing positive changes within your body and brain.  We are not made to be in concrete steel iron jungles so when we get outside our immune system improves, we relax and stress levels go down.  Try to put some outside into your inside life – have plants in your office or home, go to parks, look at trees, make time to spend in nature.

image courtesy of dreaming