Seniors Week

Nicola - Thursday, March 9, 2017

As older adults participate in Seniors week events I suggest we all pause and consider how we want to age.  What we do now – how we live, think and behave shapes who we will be tomorrow and beyond.  I trust people learn to speak to themselves with kindness and respect and nurture their brain, mind and body health for total well being.

If you want to learn how to optimise your health so you can thrive join me in A Brain for Life book talks across Sydney at Hurstville, Chatswood, Stanton and Dee Why libraries –

Bloom in 2017

Nicola - Wednesday, January 18, 2017


The lotus flower is a symbol of ephemeral life, a precious gift.  Make 2017 a year of increased mindfullness, so you embrace the present, the gift of life each day, and live according to what is important to you.  Remember too that it takes more energy to hang on to negative emotional experiences than it does to let them pass.  Blossom freely positively and enjoy what unfolds each day.

PS A helpful exercise may be to list what is important and rank in order of importance.  Then each day check to make sure you are giving your time, attention and energy to those things on the list.

Get brain fit – fuel to maximise brain function

Nicola - Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Mediterranean diet

One of the best ways to get brain fit is to choose the best brain fuel.  A diverse highly nutritious diet will give your brain the energy it needs but also the right ingredients it requires to function.  Feeling sluggish?  Poor attention?  Low mood? these may be signs of a poor diet that is not meeting the high requirements of a healthy brain.

  • Eat more protein – the brain uses lots of protein to make neurotransmitters which help us function. Add some to breakfast for an immediate pick me up
  • Increase your omega 3s (and reduce your omega 6s saturated and trans fats) – Include fish meals at least 3 times per week and reduce red meat.  Try also nuts, avocados and eggs
  • Choose smart carbohydrates – the adult brain takes up 25% of the energy you consume so make it slow release complex carbs like whole grains, brown rice, wholemeal pasta
  • Always have a rainbow of colours from a variety of vegetables and fruit every day as this will ensure you get the range of vitamins and minerals your brain requires