Nicola - Sunday, March 18, 2018

Brain Awareness Week. Invest in your brain.

The health benefits derived from being emotionally connected to others are phenomenal and improve physical and mental health as well as your brain. Being socially active is a stimulating and rewarding experience but we all need different levels of social connection so it is important to recognise our own needs. For some it may be daily contact, for others in can be much much less. Being alone is not the same as lonely. Lonely is a subjective feeling and has a a significant negative impact on physical and emotional wellbeing.

Day Seven. Get connected. Reach out. Smile. Make time to contact family and/or friends who make you feel good about who you are or share an interest, passion, or past time. Call, email, text, skype or visit. If you are not feeling connected get into your community and talk to someone – at the library, on line, or cafe, or….go for a walk and greet people.

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Brain Awareness Week. Invest in your brain.