dr nicola gates

psychologist & clinical neuropsychologist

Dr Nicola Gates is a clinician-researcher with over 20 years experience as a registered Psychologist and Clinical Neuropsychologist, with a PhD in neuropsychiatry.  Her Brain and Mind Psychology is a private clinic in Sydney’s CBD for individual clients combining the best neuroscience, medical and psychological research into individual programs to promote brain, mind, and body functional health.

Dr Nicola Gates holds registrations as a Psychologist, Medicare Provider, Workers’ Compensation Provider, Psychologist Supervisor, and Trainer in Psychology Supervision.

Brain and Mind Psychology providing experience, expertise and evidence based practice, make a referral


  • Focused Psychological Therapies consistent with Medicare MHCP
  • Brain Health and Memory Clinic to manage memory difficulties, cognitive deterioration, improve function, and slow / reduce dementia risk
  • Mindful Living Programs addressing lifestyle issues of stress, poor work-life balance, and poor health-habits that prevent optimal mental and physical health


Dr Nicola Gates is an AHPRA PsyBA approved and registered supervisor. She uses reflective practice, coaching and positive psychology frameworks to facilitate professional development.  She is also an approved Trainer in Psychological Supervision with CSS and will be providing a Master Class in Supervision for Clinical Neuropsychologists and those performing neuropsychological assessments.


Dr Nicola Gates is a registered psychologist and provider with Medicare and Workcover.  Referrals are accepted from GPs, psychiatrists, medical specialists and other health practitioners.  Referrals can be made by simply completing the referral form- make a referral.  Dr Gates can also provide supervision to other professionals registered with AHPRA.