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Dr Nicola Gates has considerable experience translating complicated research and science for media. She is a clear and dynamic communicator making science accessible, exciting and applicable to audiences of all ages and qualification. Her passion and enthusiasm for health promotion and mental and physical wellbeing cover neuroplasticity, positive psychology, and mindfulness as well as providing practical strategies and ‘how-to’s’.  She has significant expertise in neuroscience and psychology and published peer reviewed research in prestigious journals.  If you need a specialist or industry slant on a subject don’t hesitate to contact Dr Nicola Gates for interviews, articles and opinions.


Triumph over adversity
Free yourself from guilt
Empty nest


Financial Stress Sydney Morning Herald 4 September 2017

A Brain for Life ABC Digital National Program with Annika Smethurst Sunday 27 August 2017

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We’re not prepared for rise in dementia in the workplace 2GB 873 with Warren Moore Monday June 8 2015

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Nicola Gates Prevention Magazine

Ageing and Happiness The Happiness Show with Terry Robson, ABC Radio, 21 November 2013

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We’re not prepared for rise in dementia in the workplace Sydney Morning Herald Monday June 8 2015

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