individual brain, mind (& body) complete health

Based in Sydney’s CBD Brain and Mind Psychology provides neuropsychological and psychological services including assessments, focused psychological therapies within a mindful solution focused positive psychology framework to ensure improved mental health and optimal functioning at all ages.


Focused psychological therapies, recognised under Medicare, to improve life-style and for concerns such as anxiety, depression, stress, panic, relationship concerns, and career transitions.

Mental health in 3 steps

Insight Psychological assessment of mental health issues and understanding individual concerns.

Change Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) goal setting, and motivational techniques to reduce and resolve discomfort, and solution focus to resolve problems.

Growth Positive psychology, life-skill development and mindfulness to enhance and maintain psychological well-being now and into the future.

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If you have memory problems or other cognitive difficulties early assessment provides a vital opportunity to commence appropriate intervention, including brain training, and to implement compensatory strategies to maximise daily function and independence.

Optimal brain health and cognitive function in 3 steps

Assessment Memory assessment cognitive testing is necessary to profile thinking and memory capacity, and identify lifestyle factors that reduce brain health / increase risk for dementia.

Management Education and training to develop cognitive and memory strategies to promote independence and increase functioning in daily life.

Improvement Integration of a healthy lifestyle to reduce risk of dementia, enhance brain health, and improve cognition.  Supportive coaching in conjunction with brain-training.   Dr Gates is an accredited CogMed coach.

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Many diseases and discomforts are associated with life-style factors such as stress, poor work-life balance, lack of exercise, overeating, smoking, and negative thinking.  To achieve your best possible mental and physical health it is important to address life-style factors and gain mindfulness for positive living. 

Enhance your well-being for today and tomorrow

Insight Develop a big picture view of your brain, mind and body health and psychological well-being.

Change Learn skills to reduce stress, navigate life’s challenges, improve relationships and enhance your quality of life. 

Growth Adopt a health promoting lifestyle, mindfulness, and a positive outlook to promote your optimal brain, mind and body health.